Music Performance


We offer more than your typical Suzuki School.

Morph offers all of this on top of private lessons! A well-rounded education is important for all musicians, whether they want to become professionals or to enjoy music as a hobby.


Enrichment classes provide access to greater opportunities... but, more importantly, they widen our musical horizons make music more fun and engaging! Hello, motivation! 

Check out the classes we offer below!

suzuki group class

Included with tuition, this mandatory course is one of the core tenets that sets Suzuki apart from other methods of music study!

chamber music

Join a duo, trio, or quartet to develop your musical communication!


A minimum of two masterclasses per year from renowned music educators!


A minimum of four performance opportunities per year!

music history/


Learn about why and when the music you play was created, and how to appreciate it! For all ages

music theory

Learn music theory at your level to help you understand the inner workings of music!


Learn how to move your body in healthier ways - prevent or remedy the suffering of performance injuries! Course by Dr. Lauren Miller.


Learn how to connect with music through movement and rhythm. A fun course for all ages to connect with their feelings and bodies.

parent education

Learn more about the Suzuki Method and philosophy, how to be a home teacher, and how to best help your child grow and learn in their studies!


Get a practice buddy with Music Ally, and/or access our database of ensembles, workshops, festivals, and performance opportunities near you or across the country!

Jazz improv/


Learn to improvise jazz on any instrument from a highly qualified and experienced teacher - and/or sign up for a jazz combo! All levels welcome!


Plug into a community of like-minded parents and students - a facebook group, wine nights, painting nights, book clubs, and the Suzuki Association of the Americas!

Beat making

Learn how to make beats with highly qualified and experienced teachers! All levels welcome!



Learn how to write jazz or modern compositions from seasoned faculty! All levels welcome!


Learn to play in a fiddle/folk music style from a highly qualified and experienced teacher! All levels welcome!



Fun singing lessons to improve pitch, ear training, and artistic abilities - or learn how to write your own songs!