the suzuki method

Put simply, the Suzuki Method (also known as the "mother tongue method") treats music like a native language - it is learned through listening, repetition, and the enthusiastic support of the parents.

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Dr. Suzuki had an epiphany one day. What seems normal to us is actually extraordinary: Children are born unable to speak their native language, yet somehow they always learn, no matter how difficult the language.

At the center of the Suzuki method are three concepts, based on how children learn their mother tongue:



Children listen every day, with consistency. The more children listen, the more quickly they progress.


Children are motivated by genuine enthusiasm, excitement, and praise of parents and teachers, and the achievements and joy of peers.


"Children like what they can do." (-Dr. Suzuki)

Baby steps are achievable and build confidence, both at home and in lessons.

Most of private music lessons - Suzuki or traditional - happens in at-home practice. After all, we only have lessons for 30-45 minutes a week! A supportive home environment with a parent committed to practicing every single day is the only guaranteed strategy for success. The collaboration between parent, teacher, and student is known as the "Suzuki Triangle." 

Please feel free to learn more about the Suzuki method on the Suzuki Association of the Americas website! Enrollment in the SAA is a requirement of Morph Academy Suzuki Lessons - because without community, it's not the Suzuki Method!